Been Awhile: Just Posted This To FB / Tw / Buffer: *Goals*

So I Am Hella ADD / ADHD
I Have Rage & Alcoholism Issues.

This I Know. When I Was Younger I Did Alot Of Counseling, I Swam, Lifted, Did Wrestling.
I Am Very Self Aware & Try To Keep Everything Always In Check.

( I Am Also The Sweetest Most Caring And Loyal Guy You Will Ever Meet)
If You Know Your Weaknesses & Work On Them They Become Strengths.
Also Nobody Can Use Them Against You.

So This Last Year I Noticed My Physical & Spiritual Expectations Of Myself Seriously Lacking / Fucked.
I Had Rage Issues Several Times, And Was Drinking More.

Since Dec I Have Removed Myself From Toxic Situations.
Started Going To The Gym x2 A Day.
Drinking Less. ( Soon To Be Not At All.)
Been More Healthy As Far As Food & RX
More Prayerful

I Also Just Found Out There Are Several Great MMA Gyms Close!
I Am Excited To Start Wresting / Fighting Again.

I Am So Thankful For All My Friends & Family That Have Always Been There For Me When I Was At My Best & Have Had Everything!
And Those That Have Been There For Me When I Lost Everything & Had Nothing.
❤ Decon Chad Call


About xychad

CEO:XYCHAD , RockStarBoys , Re-Cell , Orange Soda IT, Decon IT I Work For Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.
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