Pushups Till The Pain Stops ( See Last Post – Yesterday ) & Thinking Of Good Times

wpid-IMG_20130207_190713.jpg03.09.2010 Life04.30.2010wpid-scaled-1.jpegHalloween at the White House USAHu... just hot a hot twink Vid On Xtubewpid-2011-02-07-16.14.53.jpg20111120235959.jpgWP_000017.jpgV__9B01.jpg20120115-094918.jpgIMG_20120104_161017.jpgwpid-2012-03-11_12-42-26_310.jpgIMG-20121015-00083.jpg27thcoffeebreakxychad20121117-223830.jpgwpid-1360700995763.jpgwpid-IMG_20130210_220155.jpg20130825-092133.jpgwpid-IMG_20130208_230231.jpgSnapshot_20130410_105.08.2010 IIHad a Good

Weekend Got Bills Paid, Saw Doc But Was Kinda Sad / Nostalgic Miss How Things Were Last Summer – Fall But Doing Better

Just Got To Get My Fines Paid & Classes Done.

Work Is Going Well. Still Kinda Blah Glad I Got To See My friends & Ex’s This Last Weekend.
Tonight Kinda Nerding Out & Getting a Great Workout In With My Ex – Buddy Tevyn

Was a Much Needed Workout. To My Friends & Ex’s I Love You. To My Ex Husband I Miss You Most… Anyway… Time To Be Happy Chad So Back To Seein How Many Pushups I Can Do before My arms Give Out 😛

& Then Tommorrow Back To Doing OT So That I Can Get My Shit Paid & Taken Care Of…

First Time I Have Not Just Ran Off To Another State When I Have Felt Like This But Listening To My Ex’s Father & To My Ex Husband… He Is My World. People Like My Family, God, Tevyn, Linden, George, Brent You Keep Me Going When Its Too Much.

I Love Life & The Ones In My Life I Am So So Sorry For The Things I Have Done To Fuck Up & Try Everyday To Be Better & Make It Up.

I am So Proud Of My Blessings & The Awesome Magical Moments Things I Do! I Know All I Have & Am / Will Be Is Because Of God My HF I am So Thankful For My Grandparents, Parents, SOH, The Hardy Family & The Poulton & Chesley Family For Teaching Me That When I Was Young

AnyWays Yeah Back To Some Pushups & Off To Sleep ❤ Decon Chad Call

About xychad

CEO:XYCHAD , RockStarBoys , Re-Cell , Orange Soda IT, Decon IT I Work For Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. https://www.facebook.com/deconchadwickcall.geary https://about.me/xychad xychad.com
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