Life Is Good I Guess… I Miss Tyler And Crazy Date Yesterday And Life…

Decon Chad Call shared a link via New Myspace ( Yes I Got A New MySpace) –>

52 minutes ago

( Yesterday Was Crazy I Hung With This Kid Jared And We Smoked & Drank.. I Thought It Was Cool But Ended Wierd;
I Got To Call Tyler Not The Call I Would Have Hoped For But Was Good Just To Talk to Him… I Miss Him So Much & How Happy I Was Last Summer… 😥 )

“So Tired, Paied Some On My Fines, Worked On My WebSite & PayPal. Worked Another Double… & Had Plans To Hang… May Just Go To Gym :/

* See Above Edited Quote To My Facebook –>

From New Myspace.. I Was Trying To Hang With Troy & Jared After Work But He whent To The Gym With My Roomates ( TROY)
( After Makeing Plans With Me ) agh..

Tired Of Life & Just Worked A Double… I Miss Chilling with Mike & George…
I Miss Tyler I Miss How Life Was :/

At Fridays Resturant In WVC,
May Get To Hang With Him After…( Troy)

I Can Pray, Workout, Stalk, Hack, Get Smarter & Stronger… But I Am Loyal & I Have Given My Fucking Heart Away…
I Guess I Have To Accept “Just Best Friends” I’d Kill Just For It To be Like That right Now..

Anyway Back To Facebook Bullshit & Hope We Can Hang When He Is Done.
I Miss Tyler So Much & The Way Things Were Last Summer.. Was The Happiest I Have Ever Been…

I Guess Back To My Long Island & Fried Green Beans..
❤ @xychad

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CEO:XYCHAD , RockStarBoys , Re-Cell , Orange Soda IT, Decon IT I Work For Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.
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