I Am Still In Love With My Ex And We Are Trying To Work Things Out & Get Back Togeather… Has Been Going Well… Got Behind on Bills & Fines When I lost My Job. I Got Another And Looking For a 2nd.

2 of My Good Friends Kicked me out of Where I Was Staying After I Paied Rent… So I have Been Staying At My Ex’s House.

We Have been Working on Our Trust Issues… And Still Single But We Are Best Friends… They Have To Evict A Roomate And She Threw Us Under The Bus To His Parents That I was Staying There Till The 3rd…

Now I May Have To Move To Oregon And Pay / Fix Everything From There, Find Work & Try To Work On “Us” and All My Obligations… Just Hurt / Angry / Pissed / Sad & So Scared of Losing Him – Us…. I have Had A Few Solid Best Friends Who Have Been Here For Me No Matter What. I Am So Thankful For Them & God. Now As a Result of All her BS And My Situation

I Am Fucked. & Hungry & Homeless for The Night.

Just Frustrated And Deciding to Take the Ticket And Go to Oregon Tomorrow Night OrChange the Ticket Date & Try To Get An Advance & A Place And Stay & Fight. So Frustrated I Have & Am Fighting So Hard… šŸ˜„ Just a Bad Night & Will Not Get Any Sleep….

Hung At Coffee Break & Little America All Night By Fire. No Sleep But Did Get A Shower & Sauna. On Train To Work So Tired & Hungry.

Pray… ā¤ @xychad


About xychad

CEO:XYCHAD , RockStarBoys , Re-Cell , Orange Soda IT, Decon IT I Work For Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. https://www.facebook.com/deconchadwickcall.geary https://about.me/xychad xychad.com
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