His Reply… & Again I Feel Like I Have Lost Everything in My Life I Love…

Tyler Young
11:23 PM (11 hours ago)

to me

Chad I’m sorry but I am done, I do need space, I need to get back to
who i was, I’m not me anymore I’m constantly angry, I’m always on
edge. That’s not me I’m a happy go lucky kinda person. I’ve lost
myself and that’s not ok. I need to be me, and I need to be alone or
awhile to get back to that. I’m not in love anymore you continued to
do whatever you wanted and disrespected me and my family by doing so.
You think your doing your best but your not your doing what chad
wants. K so for once I’m doing what Tyler wants. I’m sorry but I need
to come get your stuff and give me the house key.

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My Reply… & I Am So Lost… I Love Him :/ ?

Decon Chad Call decon14@gmail.com
10:23 AM (15 minutes ago)

to Tyler,

I Understand That & Have Felt What your Feeling… ( I don’t Know Exactly What Your Feeling )
I Guess I Am Hurt, Scared… Confused. I am Still In Love With You. Yes We Both Need to Get Back to Who We Were, ( I Have Been Saying That)

 But I Want to Fight For you & Your Just Done.
Your Still My Friend and One of My Best and Only Real Friends… Besides My Other Ex’s.
I am Doing What Chad Wants Chad Wants To Show You & Everyone Else That Your Wrong About Me.
& That I Still Love You.

I Just Got Into Town, I am So Tired.
I Start Work on Monday at 7:00.
I Will Respect Your Wishes. I Just Wish I could Acctually Talk to You.
I Hurt So Bad & am Scared. And I am Tired Phyisically & Emotionally.

I Just Wanna Hold You
I have Ment Everything I Have said In All Of My Letters,
Everything I Have said to You or Your Parents & I Have Done My Best to Show You That.

I Dunno How We are at This Point…
I Dunno Where to Go.

Are You Just Takeing You Time or Are You Seeing Other Guys?
and Do You Want to Try to Get Back Togeater Later?

I am Tired And Emotional.
I was Going to Ask You For a Ride to To Shower & Sleep There & Talk to You And Get My Stuff Tommorrow.
I’ll Figure Something Else Out I Guess…

I Am Lost You Were My World
I am So Sorry Tyler

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