Tired, Sad,Worried, Better?

Again, Dunno Where to Start & So Tired / Worried about Linden & The People I Love again For the 2nd Time in 2 Weeks I have Been So hurt and Sad I am So Sick of Hurting and The People I Care About most hurting.

It was The 2nd Time I have Cried because it hurts so Bad to See Linden so Hurt / Sad, For Me to be Hurting and For Tyler to Be hurting & My Mom the People I Love So much / The Most.

It was The Second Time Tyler and I broke up. We Ended up Getting Back together. Wanting to try to fight one more Time. Cuz We Do Love Eachother.

It’s just So Hard & I am So Worried For Linden. Did not go the Way I Planned Last Night. I wish I could do more for him and take away his Hurt and have a Safe Place for Him I With We could Talk and Hang More.

I because I am loosing who I am / Was and have been hurt / Sad But so has Been Tyler. it’s been Ruff For Both of Us I love him so much and despite the fights and Drama and Hard it’s Been I can’t See Life Without him.

I am Just Done.. So is Tyler and Linden I Love Them So And Keep Trying to Fight and Pray For Them and My Mom & Self this was a Horrible Short Post and Feel Like Crap Because again I Got no Sleep. See Lists, Notes, Pix, Networks, Ect

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