Tired bus’s Suck…<3 XyChad

Jeffery Lost his Job and I Couldn’t pay for AZ Place By Myself ( Tho I was Kicking Ass at my Job at D&B prolly one of best jobs I have ever had) I was up on my bills. & There is a guy I Like & I want To see where things go with him and move to Boise or SLC and I Couldn’t Take Over His Leased cuz it was for almost another year so yeah. & I miss Vixen 😉

About xychad

CEO:XYCHAD , RockStarBoys , Re-Cell , Orange Soda IT, Decon IT I Work For Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. https://www.facebook.com/deconchadwickcall.geary https://about.me/xychad xychad.com
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