I Miss My Brother, I miss my Ex.. I miss SOH So Many things I Miss, I Fight & Try So Hard to Be Smart & Talented & Cute / Hot. Well Mannered & Cultured. I am Trying to Be more obedient to God’s Commandments.

I feel So Fucked up today & Dunno Why. I felt like I have lost my Ancor. I still feel Lost from when I moved away. I should have Listened to David. Mom is Sick & I have so Much to do.

I followed my Heart & did What I felt I was Suppost to Do. I Fight not to Let People Down, Again I am Following my Heart & I hope to God I am Makeing the Right choise in Going Back to Be Closer to her & take care of Her & Him.

And Just So much to Do.. I have felt so Anxious & Depressed yet I have Prayed & made money & worked out & worked out

I Just want to Be Held & feel it’s going to be okay 😦



About xychad

CEO:XYCHAD , RockStarBoys , Re-Cell , Orange Soda IT, Decon IT I Work For Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.
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