08.29.2010 – My Life – Family – SOH –

I miss SOH & That Feeling have been So Frustrated with Life & How Things have Turend out When I have Tried so Hard.. I have Not Alwas been a Good Guy. But I have Had My Standards & Faith. I have Fought to alwas Be Loveing & Remeber What I Learned as a Kid.

I am SO Sick of Loseing Everything that Means the Most to me: IE; Church, My Brother, Father, Family.

I Have Clung to What I Know From SOH & MY PB I have My Issues Yes But have Tried Very Hard. I’m So Hurt & angry it’s One thing to Get In trouble For Something I did but to Get Accused By Your Mom… & The one Last Person you Feel You Have In Your Life When it’s Not True…. Just Like the Whole Missing Deposit Issue That I did Not do…( Later Was Vindicated of ) This Hurts alot more…

I Just ask My SOH Buddy Doc Tom Bench to Come Give Me a Blessing. I Love My Roomate / Ex BF So Much I’m Scared – Sad To Ever Lose him From My Life… I can’t Belivew this & I have Had The Flu…

I do Know I am An Awsem Guy with alot of Love & Talent.
I do Know The Church is True & God Loves Us ( The Members Are Imperfect)
I do Know That Somehow I’ll Get Thru This Like I have Eveything else I have fought So hard to be Sucessful & Happy only to have it Ripped From Me Everythime I Get to That Place.

Linden,Shane, & My Ex’s & Friends that have Stood By Me & My Family That has Stood by Me… I Love you So Much

( I’m Changeing My Number & My Drop off the Grid for awhile)

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