Hurt… Sad… I Feel Like Jacob….

Current mood:  bummed
Category: Romance and Relationships
So You Know The Twilight Saga… Not This last one But the One Before it…
I Realised Something Then As I Did again tonight…
I am Jacob, I am Smart & Strong & So Loyal & Loveing… Like a Dog ( Werewolf)
I an not, & have Not Got what I want… I keep Being Strong & Fighting…
What I want…. Just Like in That Moveing alwas Flights off for the Sparkley…
Then Later They realise what they Really Wanted Was Right in front of them the Whole time…
I feel Hurt & Empty & Scared again… I try so Hard to Be an Awsem Son of God, Family Member, BoyFriend
I am An amazing Guy… ( Flawed & So Not Perfect) I am ADHD & have may Flaws But many Blessings That Make up for it…..
Am I Ever Going to Be Happy?
I’m a Great Guy & Friend… A Loyal Dog……
For Once I’d Like to Be Chose over The Sparkley & Kept….

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